Why Home Inspectors Should Wear Body Cameras While Working

Home inspectors are in the business of inspecting homes for clients who want to buy or appraise properties, and body cameras can be worn by these professionals for extra security. Even though body cameras are mostly worn by police officers and other professionals in high-risk occupations, these cameras can also be valuable for home inspectors who want video documentation of each inspection they conduct. A home inspector should consider wearing a body camera for these specific reasons. Read More 

4 Reasons You Should Work With A Bail Bond Agency

When your loved one is arrested, you will want to help get them out of jail as soon as possible. One of the best ways to do that is by working with a bail bond agency. They can assist you with getting your loved one released in a variety of ways.  #1: Bring Your Loved One Home  One of the top reasons to work with a bail bond agency is that they will work to bring your loved one home. Read More 

Having Trouble With Skateboarders? Hire A Security Officer

When you own a business, you may occasionally contend with unwanted issues outside of the building. Depending on where your business is situated, skateboarders could frequently visit the area to perform tricks on your concrete walkway or steps. While you could call the police to move the skateboarders away, you may feel that this could cause a scene and be a temporary fix. If you're worried that the presence of skateboarders is affecting your business, consider contacting a local security company that can provide you with a trained officer. Read More 

How Private Security Can Benefit Apartment Complexes

Having a security guard, especially at night, to monitor apartment complexes not only improves the standards and living conditions for current tenants, but it can make the complex more appealing for people choosing a new place to live. There are several advantages to having security and being proactive about protecting tenants and property. Handle Nuisance Issues In apartment complexes, there are frequently nuisance issues, especially after the leasing office closes. Hiring a private security guard can help tenants handle these issues that often do not require police presence. Read More 

How A Gated Neighborhood Security Guard Keeps Your HOA Community Safer Day And Night

If you're worried about the increase in crimes in your city, you may wonder if your gated community is safe. If you want the most protection from outsiders, consider talking the HOA into hiring guards for the gates. Here's why gated neighborhood security guards are better than unattended gates. Guards Can Keep People Out The risk of crime is lower when outsiders are kept from entering the gates. When a guard is present, people driving through the gates can be required to show identification. Read More