4 Reasons You Should Work With A Bail Bond Agency

When your loved one is arrested, you will want to help get them out of jail as soon as possible. One of the best ways to do that is by working with a bail bond agency. They can assist you with getting your loved one released in a variety of ways. 

#1: Bring Your Loved One Home 

One of the top reasons to work with a bail bond agency is that they will work to bring your loved one home. They will let you know if it is likely that your loved one will be released on their own recognizance. They will also let you know if they think it is likely that your loved one will be granted bail or will be held until their trial.  

A bail bond agency works with jailed individuals regularly. They are familiar with situations and circumstances that may lead to someone being granted or denied bail. They will help give you perspective on what is likely to happen with your loved one.  

#2: Protect Your Assets 

When you work with a bail bond agency, you do not have to pay the total amount to get your loved one released. You will have to pay a small percentage of the total amount to the agent as a fee for their services.  

You are not going to have to pay the full bail amount. That allows you to protect your assets, as you may need money to assist your loved one with their defense. You may need that money to assist your loved one in other ways, so not having to pay the total bail amount can allow you to assist your loved one while protecting your assets fully. 

#3: Keep Financial Matters Private 

When you post bail for someone, the courts will want to investigate and know where you get your money from. Instead of going through a bail bond agency and allowing them to deal with the payments, the court will analyze where the agency got the money from, not where you got the money. If you don't want your finances probed by the courts, this is a great way to keep things private.  

#4: Pass Off Responsibility 

When you post bail for someone, you take responsibility for them following the terms of their release, which are often very similar to probation terms. Their activities may be restricted or controlled to some degree, and they may have to check in periodically. When you allow an agent to post, they will take responsibility for your loved one, not you. That can help keep up established boundaries between you and your loved one and strengthen your relationship by not putting you in charge of them.  

If your loved one has been arrested, working with a bail bond agency allows you to protect your assets, keep your finances private, and put the responsibility for releasing your loved one on the agency.  

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