Three Things Your Teens Should Have On Their Smartphones

If you're like most busy parents with teenagers in the home, there are plenty of times when your kids are home by themselves. Naturally, you're concerned about the safety and well being about your teen or teens when they're home while you're at work, and you've undoubtedly established some common sense rules such as not allowing strangers to come inside the home and not announcing their home-alone status on social media. Read More 

Make Sure You Winterize Your Fire Suppression System

The risk of a fire does not decrease in the winter, which is why you need to make sure that you are just as prepared as ever for a fire. If you own a building with a fire suppression system, and you live somewhere where the temperatures drop below freezing frequently in the winter, you need to winterize your fire suppression system. The last thing you want is for the pipes in your fire suppression system to freeze. Read More 

Things That Can Suggest A Threat When You Arrive On A Scene As A Security Guard

Security officers often arrive at scenes that are highly chaotic and emotionally charged. For example, perhaps you work in a mall and someone has just stolen goods from one of the stores, pushed down a store employee, and then escaped. It's important for you to not only remain calm and take control of the scene, but also ensure that there's no threat to yourself or to others. In many cases, someone who poses a threat will have fled, but this isn't always what you'll encounter. Read More 

Increase Your Patrols In These College Campus Areas Where Muggings Could Occur

One of the most important duties that you face when you work as a college security officer is keeping the student body safe. You can do so in a number of ways, including working to lower the risk of muggings. Muggings can be an issue on some college campuses, as perpetrators know that many college students are affluent and may be carrying high-value items such as cellphones, laptops, tablets, and more in their backpacks. Read More 

Look For These Types Of Criminal Actions In Your College Library

A college library is a place for students to study and work on projects, but it can also be an area in which people gather for less-than-honorable reasons. On some campuses, the large size of the library means that it can have several quiet nooks in which improper activities can take place. If you're a new college security guard, you should plan to patrol every floor of the library regularly. Don't always use the same patrol pattern; sometimes, changing things up so that you visit at different times can help you catch perpetrators in the act. Read More