Increase Your Patrols In These College Campus Areas Where Muggings Could Occur

One of the most important duties that you face when you work as a college security officer is keeping the student body safe. You can do so in a number of ways, including working to lower the risk of muggings. Muggings can be an issue on some college campuses, as perpetrators know that many college students are affluent and may be carrying high-value items such as cellphones, laptops, tablets, and more in their backpacks. Read More 

Look For These Types Of Criminal Actions In Your College Library

A college library is a place for students to study and work on projects, but it can also be an area in which people gather for less-than-honorable reasons. On some campuses, the large size of the library means that it can have several quiet nooks in which improper activities can take place. If you're a new college security guard, you should plan to patrol every floor of the library regularly. Don't always use the same patrol pattern; sometimes, changing things up so that you visit at different times can help you catch perpetrators in the act. Read More 

Keep Your Executives Safe: 4 Tips To Improve Your Executive Security

When it comes to executive security, you can't afford to take anything to for granted. In the corporate world, you're only as strong as your executives. If you're executives aren't safe, neither is the company. You see, there are a variety of ways that a lack of corporate security can lead to espionage. In fact, a lack of proper executive security can also undermine the safety of your personnel. Here are four steps you need to take when setting up executive security in your corporate offices. Read More 

How To Use Indoor And Outdoor Cameras To Protect Your Retail Store

A good camera security system is essential for your retail store. When a camera is visible at a cash register, it keeps your employees and customers honest when it comes to cash transactions. A camera also provides photographic evidence of crimes and criminals that you can turn over to police. You'll probably want multiple cameras around your building for monitoring and crime deterrence. Buying the right type of camera system can be overwhelming since there are many options. Read More 

Vampire Loads: Keep Your Appliances From Draining Your Electricity And Wallet Dry

If you notice small increases in your electric bill, take a look at the vampire loads around your home. Vampire loads, or phantom loads, describe appliances and fixtures that continuously use electricity, even after you turn them off. Over time, the small increases in your electric bill can quickly become a huge expense on your budget. You can lower your electrical expenses by controlling when and how vampire loads operate. Read More