Why Home Inspectors Should Wear Body Cameras While Working

Home inspectors are in the business of inspecting homes for clients who want to buy or appraise properties, and body cameras can be worn by these professionals for extra security. Even though body cameras are mostly worn by police officers and other professionals in high-risk occupations, these cameras can also be valuable for home inspectors who want video documentation of each inspection they conduct. A home inspector should consider wearing a body camera for these specific reasons.

Protection from Liability

Home inspector body cameras can provide extra liability protection against clients who may try to claim damages. Some clients who hire home inspectors have been known to accuse the inspectors of causing property damages during the inspections, and body camera footage can help disprove a damage claim that was made in error or for fraudulent purposes. A home inspector can prevent lawsuits and possible job termination if they have the body camera footage to refute a damage claim. A client's real estate agent may also try to claim that the inspector failed to report all defects in the home and hold them legally responsible, and body camera footage can help get the home inspector out of trouble. 

Proof of Bodily Harm Sustained by the Inspector

A home inspector may get injured while surveying the premises and accessing areas that are difficult to reach, and footage from a home inspector's personal body camera can be used to try to prove any medical or workers' compensation claims. If the inspector gets harmed by an angry client or an animal that's on the premises, the body camera footage may also be used as evidence in court.

More Thorough Inspections

Even the best home inspectors might miss important details from time to time while they're looking over a property. Home inspector body cameras can be great tools for identifying things that were missed during an initial inspection. The inspector can review the footage from the camera after inspecting the home to look for damages and other problems that might have been missed during the walkthrough. The inspector may even choose to show clients some of the footage so that they can see the home problems themselves.

Modern technology can often be a home inspector's best friend, and home inspector body cameras have been developed to give professionals in this field greater insurance. Home inspector body cameras are easy to find and come with many useful features to help inspectors do their jobs better.