Having Trouble With Skateboarders? Hire A Security Officer

When you own a business, you may occasionally contend with unwanted issues outside of the building. Depending on where your business is situated, skateboarders could frequently visit the area to perform tricks on your concrete walkway or steps. While you could call the police to move the skateboarders away, you may feel that this could cause a scene and be a temporary fix. If you're worried that the presence of skateboarders is affecting your business, consider contacting a local security company that can provide you with a trained officer. The security guard's authoritative presence will prevent skateboarders from gathering in most cases. Here are some ways that this can help your business.

No Intimidation About Approaching

While skateboarders are mostly harmless, some of your prospective customers could feel intimidated. Someone who wishes to enter your business may feel uneasy about doing so if there's a large crowd of skateboarders in front of the building. This could especially be true if some of the skateboarders are using foul language, rushing by the walkway at fast speeds, or engaging in other behavior that could seem threatening. They could also be concerned about someone possibly bumping into them on a skateboard as they walk to your door. By hiring a security officer, you can be confident that your customers will feel comfortable approaching your business.

No Damage To Your Property

Skateboarding has the potential to cause some degree of damage to your property. For example, if you have benches outside of your business, skateboarders who perform tricks on the benches can cause the wood to become marked and splintered. Such issues don't reflect well on your business, because people may assume that the damage outside of your building suggests that you don't care about the upkeep of your property. With a security officer keeping skateboarders away, you won't need to worry about this type of damage.

No Littering

The presence of a large group of skateboarders could lead to littering issues. If a group of skateboarders spends a considerable amount of time in a certain area, they may leave gum wrappers, soda bottles, and other litter on the ground. In addition to affecting the look of your property, litter can be an issue that wastes your workforce's time. You may need to assign an employee to pick up the litter outside of your business one or more times a day, for example. By keeping loitering skateboarders away, your security officer can help prevent litter.