How Private Security Can Benefit Apartment Complexes

Having a security guard, especially at night, to monitor apartment complexes not only improves the standards and living conditions for current tenants, but it can make the complex more appealing for people choosing a new place to live. There are several advantages to having security and being proactive about protecting tenants and property.

Handle Nuisance Issues

In apartment complexes, there are frequently nuisance issues, especially after the leasing office closes. Hiring a private security guard can help tenants handle these issues that often do not require police presence. For example, it is common for people to be unruly or play loud music, especially at frustrating times of the night or early in the morning. Many tenants do not want to address these issues directly with the other tenant because the reaction can be unpredictable. Some tenants simply comply with the request, whereas others can become combative and cause tension. A security guard can address the person on behalf of the other tenant if they wish to remain anonymous. Additionally, offending tenants are more likely to abide by a request if it comes from someone in a position of authority.

Serve As A Deterrent

When a security guard is on the premises and drives around frequently, it can serve as a deterrent to illegal activities. Some apartment complexes become known as areas of high crime, often because management does little to prevent problems. In apartment complexes with high levels of crime, it may not be the tenants who are causing problems, but people from other neighborhoods may frequent the area because they know it is unmonitored. Part of a security guard's job is to handle issues with trespassing. This can include enforcing regulations about groups of people hanging out after a certain hour or checking identification to see if the people actually live in the complex. The more consistent the monitoring becomes, the easier it can be to thwart illegal activities before it occurs.

De-Escalate Serious Situations

Fortunately, most day-to-day issues that happen in apartment complexes are not serious. However, having a security guard readily available can help de-escalate a serious situation before police need to be called or while they are en route to the scene. A common issue in apartment complexes is domestic disturbances. Tackling the disturbance while the couple is still arguing may prevent the situation from escalating to assault and battery. Another benefit of having a security guard is catching suspicious people in the act before they break the law. Someone may be walking around and looking in windows or checking for unlocked doors on vehicles or apartment entrances. The presence of a security guard can often make the person leave before they unlawfully enter an apartment or vehicle.

Consistently having a security guard available at apartment complexes not only increases the standard of living at the complex but can proactively reduce crime. Frequently unmonitored complexes can often be a breeding ground for undesirable and illegal behaviors.