Three Things Your Teens Should Have On Their Smartphones

If you're like most busy parents with teenagers in the home, there are plenty of times when your kids are home by themselves. Naturally, you're concerned about the safety and well being about your teen or teens when they're home while you're at work, and you've undoubtedly established some common sense rules such as not allowing strangers to come inside the home and not announcing their home-alone status on social media. You should also keep in mind that today's teens are the first generation who were born during the digital age. Using technology is second nature to them, so don't hesitate to have them use their smartphones to provide an extra layer of protection. Following are three things that should be on every teenager's smartphone. 

The Contact Information for Your Local Locksmith Services

One of the last things your teen needs to be doing in the event that they lose their keys or otherwise get locked out of the home is scrambling for a locksmith service. Adding the contact information for your preferred locksmith service into their smartphone turns what could be a harrowing experience into a minor inconvenience. Talk with your teen about the best steps to take if they get locked out, whether that is going to a neighbor's, a nearby coffee shop, or simply waiting on the front porch for the locksmith service to arrive. Be sure to choose a locksmith that provides emergency services so that the situation will be taken care of in a timely fashion in the event it occurs on during the evening or on a weekend. 

The Red Cross Emergency App

The Red Cross emergency app can come in handy in a variety of situations, from electronically walking your kid through cleaning and bandaging a nicked finger to providing real time alerts for potentially hazardous weather conditions. The app also has a feature that lets people list their status after a catastrophic event where concerned loved ones can search -- this could come in handy if an earthquake, tornado, or other act of God occurs while you're at work or otherwise not at home or when your teen is at school or at an activity. 

A Noisy Alarm

Your home is probably already equipped with an alarm system, but what if your teen is harassed or assaulted while walking home from school or otherwise outside of the house? A noisy alarm that can be activated via a simple push of a button on their smartphone will alert others in the area that they may need help and will probably cause the attacker to flee. 

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