Increase Your Patrols In These College Campus Areas Where Muggings Could Occur

One of the most important duties that you face when you work as a college security officer is keeping the student body safe. You can do so in a number of ways, including working to lower the risk of muggings. Muggings can be an issue on some college campuses, as perpetrators know that many college students are affluent and may be carrying high-value items such as cellphones, laptops, tablets, and more in their backpacks. As such, a snatch-and-grab crime can take place quickly and yield results for criminals. As a security officer, you should identify areas that muggings may be more prevalent and strive to beef up your patrols in these locations.

Low-Traffic Buildings

Every college campus has buildings that get a lot of student and faculty traffic and those that do not. Perhaps it's a research lab on the corner of the campus or a building that offers classes only part of the time. Whatever the case, students who use such a building may be more at risk for being mugged by criminals who are counting on low pedestrian traffic. This is an area that you'll want to patrol regularly, as well as implement other security measures such as lights and security cameras.

Parking Lots

If your college has lots of students who drive to and from the campus each day, parking lots should be on your radar. A criminal may be able to quickly snatch a student's backpack while he or she is getting in or out of a vehicle. Parking lots can also be remote on some campuses, which means that a student who is using this area may feel isolated — especially in the evening when most of the lot is empty. By concentrating your security patrols in these locations, you can dramatically reduce the risk of muggings.

Transportation Stops

On large campuses, there will often be multiple stops for public transportation such as buses, subways, and trains. These areas can be ideal targets for muggers, as they know that people will be standing in these spots for several minutes at a time — and may be distracted as they browse their cellphones while waiting for the transportation to arrive. A quick snatch and grab can allow a mugger to make off with a student's valuable possessions. You should endeavor to patrol any transportation stops on the campus, especially at dusk. The visible presence of security personnel in these areas can make muggers think twice.

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