3 Ways To Make Your Hospital More Secure

Public places are being targeted by violent individuals at a more frequent rate. Hospitals can be places where people are coming and going, and the visitors and patients in a hospital can be under extreme stress.

Taking action to make your hospital more secure will help you ensure the physical safety of staff, patients, visitors, and hospital assets.

1. Establish an identification system.

The first step in improving hospital safety is to ensure that you can account for all of the individuals entering and exiting the hospital on a daily basis. Establishing a functional identification system will help you track individuals and conduct safety counts in the event of an emergency.

Staff members should be issued photographic identification cards. Patients should be required to wear hospital identification bracelets at all times. Visitors should be asked to show a photo ID when checking in at the front desk. A comprehensive identification system can contribute to greater physical security.

2. Limit access within the hospital.

There are many areas within a hospital where general access should be prohibited. Even certain employees should not be given access to sensitive areas. Controlling access within the hospital can help you provide for the physical safety of your staff, patients, and visitors.

Enable all doors with key card readers that can only be activated by an employee with the appropriate clearance. Securing sensitive areas will help you protect medications, eliminate contamination, and regulate traffic in the event of an emergency.

3. Implement visible security measures.

Letting the individuals within your hospital know that you take physical safety seriously can be beneficial in making your hospital more secure. Visible security measures throughout your hospital can serve as a reminder that staff, patients, and visitors are being monitored at all times.

You may want to consider installing security cameras strategically throughout your hospital. Hiring security guards to patrol parking areas, hallways, cafeterias, and waiting rooms can also be a helpful way to deter physical violence.

If a security breach does occur, these visible safety measures will help you contain the incident and provide evidence of criminal activity to law enforcement officials.

Improving hospital security lets the community know that they can feel safe while seeking treatment in your facility. Simple actions like establishing an identification system, controlling access within your hospital, and implementing visible security measures can reduce crime and make your hospital a more welcome place to seek medical care.

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