How To Prevent Fires And Practice Fire Safety At Church

A fire can have devastating effects on a church. These effects are not only relating to the potential loss of life and property damage: it also affects the local community. Churches are responsible for a lot of charitable events that go on in a city.

If a fire destroys a church, then it can disrupt this good work. Read on to find out how to prevent fires and practice fire safety at church.

Install A Fire Alarm

An alarm is a way to warn people in your house of worship of a fire. You do not have to go overboard, but install a simple fire alarm system. A basic system consists of a controller, backup battery, power supply, sounders and manual break glass call points. Companies like FAST can assist with these types of security products.

If you have a large church, then you want to use an alarm system with a public address system. Some systems use speech to help lead people out of the building and to decrease panic. It is common to get scared at the sound of an alarm because you do not know what is going on.

There are also situations where a fire can go undetected, which is why you need smoke detectors. A smoke detector saves lives because it allows for fast detection of a fire. It also protects the contents of a building.

Establish Emergency Evacuation Plans

An emergency evacuation plan is a big part of church safety. However, there are different reasons that you may need to exit your church in hurry. These reasons may include a violent intruder, bomb threat or a lone wolf. You need to make an evacuation plan for each type of threat. It requires detailed planning to develop a plan and then put it into practice. People who visit your church need to know whether to leave the building or seek shelter.

Setup Proper Disposal Areas For Smokers

You may not have an official designated smoking area at your church, but there is an area used for smoking. It helps to find out where people are smoking around your church. When you find the location, you want to set up proper disposal areas for smokers. Lit cigarettes cause unexpected fire hazards.

A fire is not always accidental, but can occur from arson as well. You want to teach your staff and congregation on how to decrease the risk of fires. However, preparation can minimize property damage and save lives.