Mildred Miles

How To Use Indoor And Outdoor Cameras To Protect Your Retail Store

A good camera security system is essential for your retail store. When a camera is visible at a cash register, it keeps your employees and customers honest when it comes to cash transactions. A camera also provides photographic evidence of crimes and criminals that you can turn over to police. You'll probably want multiple cameras around your building for monitoring and crime deterrence. Buying the right type of camera system can be overwhelming since there are many options. Read More 

Vampire Loads: Keep Your Appliances From Draining Your Electricity And Wallet Dry

If you notice small increases in your electric bill, take a look at the vampire loads around your home. Vampire loads, or phantom loads, describe appliances and fixtures that continuously use electricity, even after you turn them off. Over time, the small increases in your electric bill can quickly become a huge expense on your budget. You can lower your electrical expenses by controlling when and how vampire loads operate. Read More 

Why You Should Hire Security Guards For Your Big Event

If you're planning to host an event for fundraising or just for entertainment, then you'll want to keep security in mind. The larger the guest list, the more types of security you'll want to employ. Even if you know everyone you're inviting, the dates they bring may have questionable motives. If you serve alcohol, even mild-mannered guests could get out of control. At the very least you'll want security cameras and a few security guards. Read More