Why You Should Hire Security Guards For Your Big Event

If you're planning to host an event for fundraising or just for entertainment, then you'll want to keep security in mind. The larger the guest list, the more types of security you'll want to employ. Even if you know everyone you're inviting, the dates they bring may have questionable motives. If you serve alcohol, even mild-mannered guests could get out of control. At the very least you'll want security cameras and a few security guards. Here's why security guards are important at an event.

They Check The Guest List

If you're having well-known guests or celebrities at your event, you'll probably have gate crashers trying to get in. Position security guards at the door to match guests against the approved list and you'll keep out strangers that were not invited. This can prevent security problems as well as protect the privacy of your guests. It also helps you avoid making a scene by throwing out people who were not invited.

They Control Behavior

While you don't want security guards to ruin the fun of your event, you'll want them present to take quick action if a disagreement turns into a fight or when guests have had too much alcohol. A security guard can quickly get problems under control and remove rowdy guests if necessary before a situation escalates into a brawl and someone is injured.

Security Guards Protect Valuables

Having security guards present acts as a deterrent against theft and it also helps bring a quick resolution to problems of missing items when there is an investigator on the scene. The guards can patrol the parking area to ensure cars are safe during the event. They can also protect the valuables in the home or building, and they can also protect valuables worn by guests. This is a very important consideration if it is a formal event where guests wear expensive jewelry. Security guards can make themselves visible as they stand watch over the crowd or they can dress in street clothes and blend in. You'll also want a guard to monitor the cameras to watch for crime in real time so quick action can be taken against criminals.

Guards Act As Escorts

If your event runs late into the night, the guards can double as escorts to walk guests to their cars in the dark. This can help your guests feel safe when they have to walk to a nearly empty lot if it is very far from the building or home of the event. Guards can also offer protection to those carrying valuables as may be the case during a fundraiser when a guest purchases expensive artwork to donate to a cause.

Although it may seem like you have a lot to think about and organize when it comes to security for your event, all you really have to do is hire a security company. Let them know the nature of your event and the number of guests expected and the company can arrange for the right number of security guards and equipment needed to ensure your property and guests stay safe.