Keep Your Executives Safe: 4 Tips To Improve Your Executive Security

When it comes to executive security, you can't afford to take anything to for granted. In the corporate world, you're only as strong as your executives. If you're executives aren't safe, neither is the company. You see, there are a variety of ways that a lack of corporate security can lead to espionage. In fact, a lack of proper executive security can also undermine the safety of your personnel. Here are four steps you need to take when setting up executive security in your corporate offices.

Know the Risks

When enlisting the services of executive security, it's of the utmost importance that you know the risks that are facing your corporation. Knowing the risks will ensure that all your security needs are met, and that your executives don't become targets. The best way to do that is to assign a threat value to each executive. To do that, you need to understand the importance of each executive in your corporation, as well as the activities they're involved in that can increase that risk.

Don't Take No for an Answer

When it comes to protecting the lives of the executives in your corporation, they may not take kindly to having their privacy infringed upon. They might not want to have a security detail assigned to them. However, you can't take no for an answer, not when you realize that your executives are your biggest corporate assets. Your executives might not realize that they're a security risk. If that's the case, you need to show them the risks they face, including the ease in which hackers can access their private accounts.

Ensure Secure Electronic Devices

When you're putting your security plan in action for your executives, it's important to start with the electronic devices. Most executives will utilize one cell phone and one laptop for business and personal use. Unfortunately, utilizing one device for both business and personal uses can leave you susceptible to hacking. If you're executives are still using one device for both places, it's important that you convince them to switch to the two-device system – separate devices for work and home.

Create Concise Executive Travel Plans

If your executives do a lot of business travel, especially in groups, you need to change the way they travel. While it might seem easier to book your executives on the same flights, and have them stay at the same hotels, it's not necessarily safer. For maximum protection, your executives should travel separately whenever possible.

Don't take security for granted. Use the tips provided here to make the most of your executive security plan.