Mildred Miles

4 Occasions When You Should Consider Hiring Private Investigation Services

Imagine being in a relationship with someone for years, only to find out that they had been lying to you the entire time. Imagine finding out that a business partner has been embezzling funds. Or imagine learning that an employee has been stealing from the company. All these scenarios are everyday realities that many people face. The truth is often difficult to uncover on your own, which is why private investigation services can be so valuable. Read More 

Benefits Of Hiring An Armed Security Company

Every home and business has items of value that are at risk of being stolen. As a result, most people and businesses take preventive measures to keep said valuables safe, like installing locks. However, having one or two measures of security is not enough. Implementing as many security protocols as possible is more prudent, and you can do so by hiring an armed security services company. They offer benefits like:  Read More 

3 Circumstances When You Might Need Security Guard Services

You may think that security guards are only needed for big corporations, but they are also useful for small businesses. In fact, there are many circumstances in which you might benefit from hiring a security guard. Having security guards can come in handy, especially if your business runs at night or if you handle high valuable goods. Also, if you want to control who accesses your commercial building, having a security guard at the entry point can come in handy. Read More 

Own A Company? 2 Tips To Protect Your Employees And Your Building

If you own your own company, it is up to you to provide protection to your employees, as well as the things you have inside your building. Keep reading to learn two tips so you can be sure you are doing everything you can to keep everyone and everything safe. Use A Fire Protection Service More than 100,000 commercial fires occur each year, which is why you need to hire a fire protection service. Read More 

Why Home Inspectors Should Wear Body Cameras While Working

Home inspectors are in the business of inspecting homes for clients who want to buy or appraise properties, and body cameras can be worn by these professionals for extra security. Even though body cameras are mostly worn by police officers and other professionals in high-risk occupations, these cameras can also be valuable for home inspectors who want video documentation of each inspection they conduct. A home inspector should consider wearing a body camera for these specific reasons. Read More