Protect Your Place Of Business From Theft And Vandalism

Limited access to your warehouse property and the use of surveillance strategies will prevent theft and vandalism. The guidelines below will provide your place of business with protection around the clock.

Security Gates

Consider past security issues that have put your business at risk. An unobstructed parking area or multiple ways to access the building where you operate your business can encourage criminal activity.

Security gates can be used to block off outdoor and indoor areas that are out of bounds. Review some security gate products that are designed for commercial use. A security gate can be fitted with a digital keypad or a modern locking system. The use of either of these types of devices will grant you and your employees a viable way to access the premises but will deter trespassers.

Surveillance Equipment

Research surveillance products that can be used to monitor outdoor and indoor areas. Surveillance products can be used to capture movement during normal business hours. They can also be used to record footage when your business is not occupied. If you decide to hire security guards, you can have them assist with monitoring the footage that is recorded. 

Patrol Processes

If you own a large warehouse, there may not be enough manpower available to ensure that the warehouse itself, plus the land that it is situated on remains protected from theft and vandalism.

Determine which patrol processes will keep your property secure. Security team members can be hired to drive or walk through your outdoor property. They can also be assigned to monitor the entryways and other parts of your business that could potentially become a target for a crime. Choosing to hire a security team will provide your commercial property with a high level of protection at all times. 

Modern Light Products

Updated lights can be used to dissuade potential intruders from attempting to access your property. Learn about some light products that can be used to illuminate walkways, parking areas, and interior spaces that are currently dimly lit. Installing new lights will protect your property, plus provide you and your workers with safer working conditions.

Updated Locks

Locks can be used to safeguard cash, personal documents, and other items that could potentially be stolen or destroyed. Once you choose the type of locks that you would like to add to your property, a licensed locksmith can be hired to install them.

For more information, contact a warehouse security team near you.