3 Benefits Of Ankle Monitoring Bail Bonds

In the past, some individuals were not able to get bail bonds. Today, there are innovative ways to ensure that a defendant does not skip out on their bonds. Judges grant bail, which is sometimes astronomically high. This can make it difficult for some individuals to post bond due to a lack of resources. Modern-day bail bond companies can utilize GPS technology to track high-risk clients. This is beneficial to defendants because they can out of jail despite having high bail amounts. It benefits the bail bond service because they can help someone in their community and have peace of mind that they know where the individual is located at all times. The following points identify a few benefits of ankle monitoring bail bonds.

Continue Working

Many defendants are working-class individuals. Extended time in jail could forfeit their employment. Ankle monitoring is a valuable way to know where defendants are at. It allows them to continue working to earn money for their families. If individuals have other bond requirements such as being forbidden to be at certain residential addresses or liquor stores, the device can determine if they are violating the terms of their bail. Violations could result in a judge revoking bail, or the bail bonds company deciding to revoke the bail bond. They can also tell when individuals are doing the right thing and going to work. 

Reduced Bail Amount

Some bail amounts are several thousand dollars. Judges base bail amounts using a variety of factors such as the severity of the alleged crime and whether a defendant is a repeat offender. Individuals who have felony charges will likely have higher bail amounts than individuals who have misdemeanor charges. Lawyers can petition the court and request a lower bail amount with the condition that defendants will get ankle monitoring. Bail bond companies get a non-refundable payment, which is usually a percentage of the bail amount. Bail bond agents can accept a reduced percentage at their discretion. Some companies might utilize this option for defendants who agree to wear ankle monitors.

Reduce Flight Risk Concerns

Defendants who are facing serious charges are likely to have a high bail. They might also be viewed as a flight risk if their charges would result in them being incarcerated for years. A bail bond company might only extend a bail bond to individuals in this situation if they agree to ankle monitoring. This applies even if the individual has the money to pay their bail bond in full. A bail bond agent is a good resource to use to learn more about ankle monitoring bail bonds.  

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