How A Gated Neighborhood Security Guard Keeps Your HOA Community Safer Day And Night

If you're worried about the increase in crimes in your city, you may wonder if your gated community is safe. If you want the most protection from outsiders, consider talking the HOA into hiring guards for the gates. Here's why gated neighborhood security guards are better than unattended gates.

Guards Can Keep People Out

The risk of crime is lower when outsiders are kept from entering the gates. When a guard is present, people driving through the gates can be required to show identification. This makes it obvious a stranger is approaching when they can't produce an ID from the HOA. The guard can then stop the car and investigate the reason they're trying to get on the property.

The Guard Might Keep A Visitor Log

Even though you live in a gated community, you'll still want strangers to come through sometimes. For instance, if you order a pizza or grocery delivery, the drivers need to come through the gate.

The guard can log when the car enters and when it leaves, so they can investigate if the car stays too long. They can also log names from their driver's license and capture photos in case there's a crime and the strangers need to be investigated by police.

The Guard Can Verify If You're Expecting Someone

When the threat of crime is high, the guard might even call you to verify if you're expecting a friend or delivery before letting the car enter the grounds. The guard needs to balance security against the flow of traffic, but when residents are frightened about rising crime, they may appreciate all the extra steps a gated neighborhood security guard can provide.

A Guard Can Monitor Cameras

A neighborhood security guard may not see much action on the night shift, so they may spend that time monitoring security cameras of the neighborhood. This helps catch intruders on foot who climb over fences, or intruders who arrive by boat at a waterfront community. Plus, if you arrive home late at night, the guard can watch you pull into your driveway and ensure you got home safely.

A Security Guard Can Alert Police To Problems

A gated neighborhood security guard may not be armed, but they can still stop a crime from happening by calling police when they see anything suspicious. Your community can use security guards during the day when the gate has a lot of activity and at night when criminals are working under the cover of darkness.

A gated neighborhood security guard is just one part of improving the security in your HOA community. You can also watch out for your neighbors and install a home security system in your house so you're as protected as possible from intruders, vandals, and car thieves.

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