4 Ways To Prevent Shoplifting At Your Store

Shoplifting can really damage the profits at your store, which is why you want to make sure you have a security system in place that helps to reduce shoplifting in your store.

#1: Add More Staff

When you have lots of staff circulating on your sales floor, greeting customers, and checking in with them as they shop, this will help send a signal to potential would-be shoplifters that you have people who are paying attention. By greeting each customer in your store and interacting with them more than once as they shop, you will make each customer feel noticed and seen. Being attentive to your customers will pay off on customer service and can help reduce theft.

#2: Organize Your Store

Second, you are going to want to make sure you have a well-organized floorplan. A store where items are well organized and everything has a place will make it harder for items to go missing. A theft will have a lot harder time shoplifting something when everything is organized and in its place versus a store where items are disorganized and haphazardly placed all over the store.

#3: Put in Security Cameras

People steal things when they think they are going to get away with it and when they don't think anyone can see them. One way to ensure that people always feel watched is by installing security cameras. You want to install your security cameras up high enough so that no one can mess with the security cameras but shoppers can easily see the cameras.

#4: Hire a Security Guard

Your regular sales staff's job is to help serve customers — not to watch and make sure that no one steals anything. That is where hiring a security guard comes into play. Hiring a security guard will allow you to have someone who is dedicated to keeping things safe in your store. A security guard will be able to closely watch customers and step in and call the authorities if they think someone is shoplifting. Just having a security guard can help decrease theft in your stores.

If your retail store is experiencing a high level of shoplifting, you need to clean and organize your store so everything has a place. You need to hire more staff and make sure each customer has at least two contact points with a staff member saying hi or checking in on their needs before they check out. Install security cameras and hire a security guard service to decrease shoplifting further.